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Celebrating 75 years of Quality Catholic Education

St. Genevieve School first began in 1945, under the direction of the Sisters of Mount Carmel. For the first year, the enrollment was 115 chidren taught by Sisters Benedict and Loyola and one lay teacher. 

St. Genevieve School remianed under the direction of the Sisters of Mount Carmel until 1950 when, at the request of Monsignor W.J. Teurlings, and with the sanction of Bishop Jules B. Jeanmard of Lafayette, the Sisters of Divine Providence took over the administration. In 1957, St. Genevieve School became a full-fledged accredited school, one of the first elementary schools in Lafayette to reach this goal.

A steady increasing enrollment and lack of space for expansion presented an acute problem. Hence, it was imperative to build another school. The new school which would house the students in grade 7-12 was named in honor of the late Monsignor Teurlings (Teurlings Catholic High School). St. Genevieve became the feeder school to TCH.

In the fall of 2001, Bishop O'Donnell granted approval to build a new St. Genevieve Middle Campus to relieve an overcrowded situation at Teurlings Catholic High. Groundbreaking took place in December and St. Genevieve Middle opened that August housing all 6-8 graders. In the summer of 2016, two additional classrooms were added to the middle school facility in order to house the 5th grade students from the elementary campus. This move freed up much needed space on the elemntary campus, and will allow for an easier middle school transition for our 5th graders. 

St. Genevieve School, elementary and middle, presently hosts 360 families, and 540 students Pre-K-8. The school is served by two principals under the jurisdiction of one advisory council. Mrs. Michelle Melancon and Ms. Julie Zaunbrecher serve as Co-Princials of both campuses, and are both St. Genevieve School Alumnae. The staff at St. Genevieve is comprised of teaching faculty, support faculty, teacher assistants, custodial staff and extended care staff. All professional faculty members are Louisiana certified educators, several with post baccalaureate degrees.