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Celebrating 75 years of Quality Catholic Education

St. Genevieve Catholic School recognizes the importance of technology in our lives.  We at St. Genevieve Catholic School want to establish a technology-rich education in order to provide our students with the tools necessary for successful futures in an emerging technological world. Each campus has its own 31 unit computer lab to accommodate the student body.

Both campuses house digitally interactive classrooms, who are all currently using Promethean Interactive smart boards and projection devices. These technological wonders have been embraced by both the veteran teachers as well as the recent college graduates on our staff. 

First grade teacher Charlotte McBride has embraced this new technology and says, "Promethean board - WOW!!  Or as my first graders say, "Yes! We get to work on the magic board!"  Having the Promethean board in my class has helped to enrich my lessons.  My students have a much better understanding of the concepts that I am teaching.  Seeing all those hands shoot up when I ask one of them to go to the board makes me so excited about teaching." 

SGS is the proud participant in various Louisiana funded grants. Students use both Learnpad and Surface RT tablets to conduct their class work in multiple classrooms on the middle campus. Instant feedback and assessment are possible with the use of Activote and ActivExpression Learner Response Systems. St. Genevieve promotes the use of technology in all aspects of the educational experience, even in the PreK classrooms where an interactive Smart table is shared.

St. Genevieve places emphasis on technology to enable our students to become more active in the learning process.  We provide students with instant feedback and offers them diversified pathways of achieving success.  Technology will equip our students with the knowledge and experiences necessary for careers that may not yet exist.  The goal of St. Genevieve Catholic School is to create a technology-rich environment necessary to support the teaching and learning process of the twenty-first century.  The expanding role of technology in our lives will serve to empower the future of St. Genevieve Catholic School and its students.